Team Building and Participatory Decision Making seminar


Seminar dates and location: September 16-18, 2005, Ohrid
Participants: PSP group (school staff/teachers and parents)
Training provided by: Zoran Stojkovski – Executive Director – CIRa
Gordana Veljanovska – Program Coordinator – CIRa

Goal of the seminar:
To enable the PSP group to work effectively as a team and to make particular decisions about various school issues including the decision about the necessary repairs that should be undertaken in the next month as part of the project.


Seminar content:

  • Act as a team in the decision making process;
  • Get a common vision of the school (what has already existed and what needs to be done);
  • Identify the actual problems in the school and propose possible solutions;
  • Assess the proposed solutions and create an action plan for the necessary repairs;
  • Help in implementation of the action plan for the necessary repairs;
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the activities undertaken with the action plan.