Teachers and students involved in extra curricula activities


The project works with selected number of teachers that guide the implementation of various types of extracurricular activities. The project is supporting the following extracurricular activities:

  • Creative classroom (teachers in charge: Sonja Kirkovska, Gabriela Popovska, Violeta Mitovska)
  • Activities for preschool groups (teachers in charge: Snezhana Tomashevska, Vaska Miladinovik, Lile Petkova, Marina Boneva)
  • School orchestra (teacher in charge: Samir Mehmed)
  • Sport activities (teachers in charge: Dobrica Nikolova, Vladimir Petkov, Igor MItkovski)
  • Drama section (teacher in charge: Milka Trimchevska)
  • Art section (teacher in charge: Emilija Stojanovik)
  • Ecology section (teacher in charge: Elka Nocheva)

The activities were tailored to meet students’ interest and motivate them to actively participate. The project supported activities that involve approximate number of 430 students.

Please click the link from photos from the activities realization.