Educational Software Training for Grade 1-4 Primary School Teachers


Project Goal:
The aim of this training program was to support the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), together with the Bureau for Development of Education (BDE), as its curricula development institution. This training is part of the USAID continuous efforts to help education reform in Macedonia. The ToolKid software was localized in Macedonian and Albanian language, relevant curricula was developed and the software was installed in 100 primary schools. Licenses for the introduction of this software that has been used in the instruction of 1st through 4th grade students were purchased by USAID E-School Project. As there was a lack of educational software in Macedonian and Albanian language, this software was intended to represent a comprehensive educational resource and a research tool for the needs of all primary school students from grades 1 to 4. Use of this software intended to increase number of primary school teachers using innovative techniques in regular classes.

Start Date: November 2006 / Completion Date: June 2010

Funding: USAID Human and Institutional Development Program

Project Partners:
The project is implemented in cooperation with the Bureau for Educational Development (BDE) –

Project Stakeholders:
Grade 1 – 4 Teachers

Project Summary:

Under the ToolKid program the core group of 20 Master Trainers was trained and had the role of the trainers for training of 414 primary school teachers. Through the ToolKid training implemented under USAID Human and Institutional Development Program in cooperation with Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) and USAID e-Schools project, the total of 414 grade 1-4 teachers (4 per school) were trained in innovative instructional practices to help them improve quality and relevance of instruction at primary schools.

In addition to this training, MCEC was contracted by the Education Development Center / USAID e-Schools project to provide support in dissemination of training to all grade 1-4 teachers from 100 schools. The total number of teachers that completed the trainings was 1917. The trainings were organized in the computer labs in the 100 ToolKid schools and were implemented in Macedonian and Albanian language accordingly.

As a round-up for this initiative, USAID Human and Institutional Development Program through the training of remaining number 3423 primary school teachers (grades 1 to 4) and BDE advisors responsible for lower primary education, USAID intended to support all primary schools in Macedonia, aiming to increase the number of teachers using alternative and innovative instructional practices and improving quality and relevance of instruction at primary schools.

The final expected result of this program was that the performance of all Grade 1-4 teachers is improved and they are able to integrate the ToolKid software in teaching process in all subjects for grade 1-4 and in elective subject “Work with Computers” as part of the national curricula.

The total number of participants who completed the training in the framework of this project is 5779.