Education for Sustainable Development Partnership Initiative (ESdPI)


Project Goal:

This Initiative aims to:

  • uncover the content of the national curricula of the participating countries with regards to education for sustainable development (ESD) & recommend appropriate content for the curricula
  • develop and deliver training activities to those that can and must promote sustainable development, i.e. current and future decision makers and the ones who are influenced by their decisions (local authorities, governments, business executives, civil society organizations, teachers, children and youth)
  • knit a network of civil society organizations with different backgrounds and competences –educational and environmental – with a joint mission to exchange the best of their know-how in order to initiate and sustain a change of public awareness and individual consciousness concerning climate change, environment and sustainable development, as well as support advocacy campaigns in participating countries.

ESdPI aims to challenge the lack of information and appropriate models for future adaptation to climatic diversity in the Caucasus and South-Eastern Europe Region. It will tackle the issue by making information available and by developing simple educational modules implemented through the new network of established and competent partners and guided by the environmental aspects of the EU acquis.

Start Date: 14 December, 2010 / Completion Date: 30 November 2012

Funding: European Union –

Project summary:
Up to now, in most of the parts of the ESdPI region there has been no trans-disciplinary platform for educational and environmental civil society organizations. Moreover, the civil society sector in ESdPI region currently has no common frame or position for the environmental issues or knowledge of EU and other international commitments in this regard. Education, both of future active citizens and present day interested parties at all levels is a key for applying the positive aspects of existing legal frameworks to provide a foundation for societal cooperation which can guarantee a sustainable future for all. This calls for resources and existing progressive activities from both our environmental protection and educational policy partners to provide locally relevant programmes of sustainability education. The Initiative can become a platform that is currently missing from the civil society and that can allow the exchange of partners’ expertise and ensure better support for advocacy concerning national educational policies.

On top of continued exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes, ESdPI participants will meet on a regular basis for training and educational module development. Through 3 seminars (EELP) the partners will share knowledge on climate and energy issues, environmental education in schools and EU environmental acquis and common policies. Special training will be provided in critical thinking methodology for application in educational modules (AEEM), as well as advocacy of issues in evidence based educational policy development (Policy Lab). Roundtables, conference and Summer School will be communication platforms towards the wider public, public authorities and academic communities. As the final corollary, the Initiative wants to support connecting separate and incoherent environmental policies with the overall priorities on the global and EU level.
The success of the Initiative offers the opportunity of extending similar actions to other regions and organizations not yet included. But most importantly, it opens up and aims to maintain a space for a lasting dialogue between ‘green’ and ‘educational’ expertise and activism that is to become a common ground for the emergent socioenvironmental issues.

Coordinator of the Initiative:
Network of Education Policy Centres (NEPC)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Slovenia & Georgia


Partners & Associates:

  • proMente Social Research – Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Eko Akcija – Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Zelena Akcija – Croatia
  • Forum for Freedom of Education – Croatia
  • Center for Educational Research and Development, Institute fir Social Research Zagreb – Croatia
  • PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies – Estonia
  • Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre/Estonian Institute for Sustainable Development – Estonia
  • International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management – Georgia
  • Kosovo Education Center – Kosovo
  • MAR – Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation – Kosovo
  • Macedonian Civic Education Centre – Macedonia
  • Environmental association Planetum – Strumica – MacedoniaCenter Education 2000+ – Romania
  • Focus association for sustainable development – Slovenia

Project web-site: