Civic Education program is implemented in the lower elementary education (grade 1-4) as cross – curricular subject, however it is still project-based program and formally it is not integrated into the National Curriculum.

The Experts’ Group on Civic Education has worked on revision of the lower elementary existing curriculum and has identified teaching subjects and topics where it is appropriate for the Civic Education content and methodologies to be integrated.

The work of the Experts’ Group includes the development of a document that will serve future creators of the National Curriculum (the changes of the national curriculum are planned to be implemented in the following next years) providing a guide for incorporation of the Civic Education program as an inevitable part of the curriculum. The Civic Education content matters include the following pillars of democracy: RESPONSIBILITY, JUSTICE, AUTHORITY and PRIVACY.

The document content includes:

  • Definition of the Civic Education goals
  • Concretization of the Civic Education goals at each grade level
  • Examples of specific Civic Education goals into the Nature and Science Teaching Subject